Travelers who meet all your requirements can book instantly on Le Bon Coin, AirbnbBooking et Abritel (with traveler service fees) or directly with a contract between travelers and the host.

If a reservation makes us uncomfortable, we can cancel it without any penalty.

For a direct contract, we will ask for the identity document and proof of address of the person declared on the latter.


Le Bon Coin



The 3 means of payment for a direct contract are :

- Transfer to bank account (RIB sent with the contract).

- Payment via TPE (Electronic Payment Terminal) MyPOS Go remotely.

- Payment via MyPOS payment request by e-mail (100% secure and imposed solution for foreign travelers).

Note: the transfer to a bank account will not be offered for a stay planned within 14 days of signing the contract.

Deposit :

- The deposit will be automatically offered upon request for bank pre-authorization (not debited) 14 days before the date of stay.

The amount not debited will be systematically released within 14 days after the date of stay.

The deposit is set at:

- 500€ for stays of 2 to 3 days,

- 750€ for stays of 4 to 7 days,

- 1000€ for stays longer than 7 days,

Note: the method of payment offered will be indicated on the contract; only payments via EPT or MyPOS payment request will allow an invoice to be issued if necessary.

Information :

- As long as a contract is not returned signed, the pre-reservation is not valid and the reservation on the requested dates will remain available on Le Bon Coin, AirbnbBooking et Abritel.

- The status will change from pre-booking to booking upon receipt of the arrhes within the time limit set in the contract.

- The non-receipt of the arrhes within the time fixed on the contract will result in the nullity of the latter and the pre-booking will be deleted.

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