The Vence room :

Ideal for a couple, this is the sunniest room overlooking the swimming pool (1x140cm bed).

Chambre Vence 1site en construction

The Artane Room :

Ideal for a couple, this is the trendiest room (1x160cm bed).

site en constructionChambre Artane 2

The Tijuana Room :

A room ideally for children or a young couple (1 bunk bed 2x90cm + 1 other bunk bed 1x90cm+1x140cm).

site en constructionChambre Tijuana 2

The San Jose Room :

The quietest and coolest room in the house (1x140cm bed); with its independent bathroom and separate WC.

Chambre San José 1Chambre San José 2


















Corridor :

Couloir 1


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